Clients and Projects

The Harbrooke group has helped clients large and small with strategy and planning of Social Media projects.

  • Social Media Monitoring, including watching the blogosphere, tracking conversations and creating strategic responses
  • Blog Coaching and Social Network participation training
  • Podcasting and Video Creation, and media creation consulting
  • Social Network strategy, evaluation and implementation

Projects include:

Representative Harbrooke Blogging Case Studies

Harbrooke Social Media Strategy Consulting Projects

“Howard and Stephanie are extremely well versed and well networked within the social media industry. When we needed a “go-to” consulting group to help us become even more immersed as a network and as an initiative into this arena, they were there with an excellent strategy and plan, all within our budget.” – Heather Umen, VP Brand Experience & Events, WE tv

“Howard Greenstein of the Harbrooke Group has been a great partner in our Social Media efforts with clients. He has been an insightful Social Media and Social Networking Strategist, an effective blogging coach and a consistent implementer. His work with the Pass Open Records site contributed to our accomplishing a key public policy change. We continue to work with him to find innovative solutions in the evolving social space.”  – Chris Bravacos, President + CEO, Bravo Group

What is Social Media Marketing?
Social Media Marketing includes three main elements that any company or brand must understand in order to fully take advantage of the online medium.

These are Listening, Participating, and Creating a Space.
Listening: The Internet is a huge place, with millions of conversations going on every day. Not every conversation is one you care about. From geeks talking about Science Fiction to mommies talking about their kids, everyone is interested in something, and often couldn’t care less about your product or service. How can you find the people who care about your brand or product? LISTEN! There are tools, from search engines to custom software packages to human investigation we utilize to help you find the conversation about your company or brand, your topic or interest online. Before you join into a community, or a small group conversation, just like at a cocktail party, you should listen in, understand the flow of the discussion, and figure out the right place to interject. We’re experienced in doing this, having been part of online communities since the late 1980s. We can guide you to your potential audience, and after listening, figure out the right strategy to start to engage.
Participating: Once you’ve heard what’s going on, it’s time to jump in. But not so fast! There’s strategy behind successful participation. From Email to Facebook, Twitter to Blogs, people expect different types of interaction. If you’re not a “Digital Native” you’ll do well to have a guide. You might be able to make it around a foreign country with a phrasebook, a map, and a lot of pointing and gesturing. But on the Internet, it pays to have a native who speaks the language and can show you the best spots – and knows how to get in and get a good table. We help you create a strategy that utilizes the kind of media appropriate for your company and brand message. When the crowd you want to reach already is hanging out somewhere – you can’t make them leave. Go to them, and talk with them in their language. The results can be incredible.  You might want to text message the tweens, post on the MySpace wall of the 20-something, and email the 50+ crowd. Or, there might be a reason to do something completely different, like an event, a word-of-mouth campaign, or a unique combination of online and offline that creates an experience around your product. We can guide you.
Creating Your Own Space: Sometimes your offering calls for something different. You need to tell your story, or host a space where your audience will want to participate. From a blog to a specifically created Social Network for your company and customers, we’re able to guide you to the right software tools and the proper organizational strategy that will lead to success. From training an employee to be a blogger to working with your CIO to evaluate social network platforms, the Harbrooke Group has the depth of experience and knowledge to make you successful.

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