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The Harbrooke team often speaks at conferences and events, and we love to do training. This page contains some of the videos of those events, as well as slides and materials for you to learn from and

Howard Greenstein with client DomainSkate at the New York Tech Meetup, September 2015.

Howard Greenstein spoke at, and covered a Startup America event before SXSW 2012.

Howard Greenstein speaks at Non-Profit Consulting Day at Baruch’s Center for Non-Profit Strategy and Management
A panel of experts discuss online strategies by moving beyond tactical online techniques into strategic integration with all of online communications, both “old” media and new. Topics include how to build a cutting edge website, evaluate whether it is working, get a clear positive return on marketing, messaging, and fundraising investment, measure the value of your constituents, and how to manage resources (staff and money) more efficiently.

Panelists include:
Harish Rao, Interpersonal Frequency
Howard Greenstein, The Harbrooke Group
George Weiner,
Micah Sifry, Personal Democracy Forum

Howard Greenstein and Dean Landsman on the “Wisdom of Twitter” at the 140 Characters Conference

Slide Deck from The Wisdom of Twitter Presentation

Howard Greenstein and Dean Landsman at the Social Media Jungle NYC

Thanks to Bill Cammack for this video

At Cornell Cooperative Extension, 6/23/09

Social Media Camp, 6/4/09

Introduction to Social Media, 101
Personal Branding using Social Media

Social Media Tools and Services
Social Media for Small Business

We believe in the Social Media Club’s ethos of “If you get it, Share it” and therefore much of our material is given out with a Creative Commons license which allows you to remix and reuse the content for non-commercial purposes. If you want to use our training material to make money – please get in touch with us. Content created by others, such as embedded videos, may be copyrighted – please check the original source

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