About Harbrooke

The Harbrooke Group specializes in helping companies communicate with their customers using the latest web technologies in the Marketing Technology, Social Networking and online community space. It brings a network of additional consultants from around the world together for different projects based on their unique capabilities and experiences.

Howard Greenstein is a Marketing Technology Strategist and President of the Harbrooke Group. He has been involved in cutting edge technology applications including online communities and streaming media for over twenty years. Howard Greenstein’s years of experience in the technology world, combined with his background as an executive coach, help him bridge the gap between business needs and technology requirements, allowing him to facilitate difficult business conversations and focus on the required results of any project. Here are some representative Harbrooke Group clients and projects.

His nearly 20 years in the tech world include a role as Technical Evangelist for Microsoft’s Developer Relations team, where he helped gain acceptance and adoption of Internet Explorer and Windows Media. For J.P. Morgan he helped deploy such futuristic projects as desktop video conferencing, online collaborative tools and the World Wide Web in 1993-95. He has had roles in several NY startups, and has been an administrator and lecturer at NYU. As a networker and connector, he is the only person to have been elected to the Board of Directors of three major New York technology trade organizations: New York Software Industry Association (NYSIA), NYNMA, and the World Wide Web Artist’s Consortium (WWWAC).

Howard also writes on these topics on his personal blog, INC. Magazine’s Start-Up Blog, the Social Media Club blog, the Conversation Hub, and for magazines and online journals. He has explained difficult topics to marketers and business people for many years.

Howard is also a frequent speaker, panelist and moderator on Social Media and Web 2.0 topics. In addition to being a co-founder of Social Media Club, and leader of the New York City Chapter, he has recently run or spoken about business and technology on panels at PodcampNYC, BlogPhiladelphia, Supernova 2007, NYSIA, the United Nations GAID Web 2.0 event, FASTsearch.com’s Fast Track and Mimeo.com’s “Mimeo Live 2007.”

“Howard has a great way of adapting sessions to a multi-level audience; he can speak to the newbie, unsure of how set up an RSS reader, and the more experienced geek next to the newbie, looking for what will be the next big thing after Twitter.” – Annie Heckenberger, GPTMC Social Media Director and BlogPhiladelphia Creator

“Howard did a fantastic job of orchestrating people, content, and ideas for his sessions at Supernova 2007. He added a great deal of value as both a speaker and a moderator.”Kevin Werbach, Founder, The Supernova Group

“Howard was an excellent moderator and facilitator. He worked with us on the content of the event, helped us attract audience, and was able to lead the group through exercises that let them explore the topic in a way that was valuable to both the participants and FAST.”
-Perry Solomon, Vice President & GM, Media Solutions, FAST Search & Transfer

“We were so pleased to have Howard as a panelist at our Business Wire Conference Series for Public Relations, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications Professionals speaking on the topic of the Social Media revolution. Howard provided our members with insights on the opportunities and benefits of reaching and engaging with this audience and did so with the authority of a person who has been part of this revolution from the start.” Laura Sturaitis, VP New Media Development, Business Wire

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