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Howard Greenstein leads the Harbrooke Group. He also has consulting partners who work on specific projects.

Bio: Howard Greenstein is a President of the Harbrooke Group, specializing in helping companies communicate with their customers and constituents using the latest digital technologies. His years of experience in the technology world, combined with his background as a coach helps him bridge the gap between business needs and technology requirements, allowing him to facilitate difficult business conversations and focus on the required results of any project.

Greenstein was the co-founder and acting CEO of Social Media Club, which brings together media and communications professionals with technologists and entrepreneurs for the purpose sharing best practices, establishing ethics and standards, and promoting media literacy around the emerging area of Social Media.

Formerly, Greenstein was the Senior Director of the Non-Degree Management Programs at the School of Continuing and Professional Studies at NYU. In this role he was responsible for the faculty and programming for over one hundred courses each semester in Management, Leadership, Training, Human Resources, Project Management and Coaching.

Howard was the Director of Operations for the Twin Towers Fund, which assisted the families of uniformed service heroes killed in New York on September 11th, 2001. He led a team that oversaw the distribution and accounting of more than $160 million dollars with few resources and a short timeframe. He remains in service to these families through his volunteer work at America’s Camp.

He has been involved in cutting edge technology applications including online communities and streaming media for over twenty years. He has worked at startups including Domainskate, Sorceron and Netcast. As a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft’s Developer Relations team he helped gain acceptance and adoption of Internet Explorer 4, Commerce, SiteServer, and Windows Media. He worked on advanced technology projects for J.P. Morgan including a desktop video conferencing and online collaborative tools system in 1993.

Howard also participates in building real world communities of professionals. In addition to his work on Social Media Club, He is the only person to have been elected to the Board of Directors of the 3 major New York technology trade organizations: New York Software Industry Association (NYSIA), NYNMA, and the World Wide Web Artist’s Consortium (WWWAC). Howard co-founded WWWAC, the first Web User Group in the United States, in 1994.

He is a small business and personal coach with training from NYU’s SCPS program and Results Coaching. Howard earned his Masters of Professional Studies from New York University’s world-renowned Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) and his Bachelor of Science from Cornell University.

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Dean Landsman, Senior Associate Consultant: Dean Landsman is a media and communications specialist with decades of experience in broadcasting and the internet. An announcer, radio executive and station owner and broadcasting consultant during the 1970s, 80s and 90s, Dean was one of the first communicators to cross over onto the web.  Since then, he has been among the first to participate in new developments and to train clients to apply New Tech, New Media, Digital Strategy and Social Media technologies to their benefit.

In the early- and mid-1990’s, Dean was a leader of the Broadcast Professionals forum on CompuServe — this back in the days when CompuServe practically was the web.  Not long after, Dean was a pioneer in the weblog phenomena.  His blogs Deanland (1999) and Dean on Baseball (2000) were among the first wave of weblogs to appear regularly and to attract loyal followings — prime movers that attracted scores of people to blogging.

In the mid 1990s and the past decade, Dean has been active in Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Blogging, online presence and content development, and Podcasting.  A communications and marketing professional, the goal is always to create value and increase knowledge management, productivity and profitability.  A known ratings expert and analyst, Dean uses similar skills to dig deep into search engine management and web strategies to maximize internet presence.  Dean has advised in Social Media and Digital Strategy for clients ranging from small law firms to fashion clients to Fortune 200 enterprises to web start-ups.

An ability to work with equal comfort in the creative, the analytical and the commercial environments, and to facilitate communications and interaction within these sometimes fractious departments has been a major asset in providing consulting services and management guidance.