Blogging Case Studies

Here are several blogging case studies from the Harbrooke Group’s recent work.

Hughes Hubbard and Reed’s Digital HHR
Harbrooke Group was asked to bid on this top Wall Street law firm’s blogging and social networking site with Aha! Insight Technologies group. We worked to create a specification for the site and create recommendations for a platform choice. Harbrooke provided training for the  lawyers on blogging techniques, how to use the content management software, and worked with their in-house designer on the site specifications. Harbrooke and Aha! also managed the programmers and site depol. . Blog project
I created a blogging strategy for The Bravo Group and their client, PNA, for the Pass Open Records campaign. Working with their design team and a programmer to implement the blog, I also trained their blogger and internal staff in the workings of the site. I helped them in their strategy to promote the blog, in press and printed material. I helped their team to find suitable sites with which to trade links, increasing the blog traffic and implemented the functionality to allow the site to accept contributions of stories about Open Records experiences from Pennsylvania citizens. This bill passed and was adopted into law in 2008! I remain a strategic advisor, helping Bravo Group wherever Social Media tools might be appropriate for their PR and Government Relations clients.

“Howard was key in working with Bravo Group and its client to create an effective Social Media component of our broader strategy. He was able to quickly and effectively get the site created, train the client and has worked with us to improve the site and refine our Social Media strategies for many clients.” – Chris Bravacos, Principal and Founder of the Bravo Group

Worked with a group of professionals, including specialists in Insurance, Law, HR, Environmental mitigation and Business Coaching to create a daily business journal blog that helps businesses of all sizes reduce risk and improve operations. Harbrooke created a blogger training course that helped each of the professionals learn blogging style and become aware of tools they can use to find other content in their fields.

Gilbert Guide

Worked in conjunction with Chris Heuer to assess and relaunch’s site and weblog. Together we helped them find a genuine voice and personality for their blog, and helped them link it to their successful published guide. We also researched potential legal pitfalls in running blogs and forums.

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