Project Management helped by MicroBlogging

I met Chris Hall at the Social Media Jungle event at CES last month. He’s a very thoughtful person who is combining the best of what is working in Social Media with his passion and penchant as a project manager. In this piece, he discusses how using Twitter can actually contribute to the artifacts created in a meeting. These can be follow ups or captured thoughts.

Project Management and Micro Blogging – LouisvillePM

Engaged notes – One of the limits of Twitter is that you can only post in 140 character chunks. I have talked to people who feel this makes it cumbersome for any type of real time updating. I look at it a different way and believe that it makes me actually listen to an entire thought before I start typing away on my iPhone. If I don’t fully understand, I can clarify in the meeting itself and others’ points of view can be jotted down as well (see above). In my mind, its extremely valuable to be able to turn a complex idea into a sentence that people can understand. Micro blogging meeting minutes reinforces that concept.

I also like his concept of looking at the tweets of several people to see which elements of a discussion most people captured – those may be the most relevant points.

As a speaker, it’s tough to look out into an audience and see many of them with their heads facing down, looking at their devices. However, maybe we need to get past that feeeling of awkwardness and assume people are taking copious notes.

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