Participating in an HP Printing Event on Monday, 9/20/10 – contest!

On Monday I’ve been asked to participate in a sponsored conversation* event with HP about Printing and their new ePrint products . I’ll be on stage interviewed about the needs of start-ups, small businesses, and consultants around printing, with interviewer Ramon Ray.

HP and their agency Porter Novelli  have also asked super-mom blogger Elise Jones from BabyBites (a current Harbrooke Client) as well as the very smart David Fano from WhoByYou to be interviewed about their communities needs.

One exciting part of this event is that it will be a live streamed event. The event will start streaming around 10:15am Eastern, and I should be on around 10:30. The event will be streamed many places, but I’ll also have a widget¬† on the blog at so you can check it out. If you’re a start-up or small business and you have questions about printing, I’m going to have an ID (published at and my Facebook Fan Page later) to which you can email questions and suggestions, and we’ll answer them live on the broadcast.

The OTHER exciting part is that HP is providing a few printers that will be given away during each segment. See the rules below.

I hope you’ll tune in and check it out. There’s probably a pretty good chance to win a printer, and hey, you might learn something (like I did) about printing.

Why am I participating? I don’t often participate in this kind of event, but I’ve appreciated HP and Porter Novelli’s approach with this effort, and their desire to learn more about markets for printing from my knowledge interviewing Start-ups on a regular basis for my column. It also gives me good experience working with a large brand and agency that will ultimately improve my work with my clients. I never pass on an opportunity to learn.

The Rules

  1. This contest is being conducted solely via and not HP or any of its subsidiaries.
  2. Prizes/printers are awarded solely by HP’s discretion and the people employed as part of this contest.
  3. Winners are chosen by decision of on-site hosts conducting live shows. (No current Harbrooke consultants, client employees or direct relatives of Harbrooke members are eligible.)
  4. Please include your name and email address with your question, idea or submission, and indicate whether or not HP representatives could potentially reach out to you in the future. (Without contact info, how can we get you the printer, eh?)
  5. NOTE-by sending your submission you acknowledge that HP and the hosts may read your submission to our live audience.

* Sponsored conversation means I’m compensated for my time related to this event. disclosure: Porter Novelli is a former Harbrooke client.

3 thoughts on “Participating in an HP Printing Event on Monday, 9/20/10 – contest!

  1. Howard,

    I love your approach to brands. Because you get to participate in a brand event, there is always the sell-out and slimy possibilities. But your honesty and transparency about learning and experience shows a good model for other bloggers/consultants out there.

    Besides all that, e-printing has a lot of promise and HP seems to be taking thoughtful steps forward. I will hopefully “be there” too.

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