Thoughts on Social and Personal

For today’s post I want to credit Stephanie Booth, whose blog I saw recently (after not seeing it for too long) and found a link to an excellent series of pieces from JP Rangaswami. JP is Chief Scientist at, and I know him going back a few years to the time he had a similar role at BT.

JP is always good at putting together a bunch of great thoughts.

  • The Plural of Personal is Social – in which JP describes business of “old” – ie. before the 1980s, when we had to actually go to the store, we often knew the clerk or owner, and got personal service. He clearly describes the state of the world now, and how companies are trying to get back to that place where relationships with customers are possible. At least some companies are.


I wish I could give you a huge amount more insight into the subject at the moment. I will only say, Thank You Stephanie for pointing me to these great thoughts, and to JP for writing them. I’ll be mulling this over.


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  1. Thanks Howard, appreciate the feedback, look forward to seeing more commentary from you on this and related subjects

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