A useful list of Twitter tools

A very useful list of Twitter Tools for those who are trying to track and make sense of the “Twitter-verse.”

Twenty Six Twitter Tools To Track Tweets | e-Strategy Internet Marketing Blog

I’ve been finding so many Twitter tools and passing them along that it’s hard to keep track of them all. The Twitter tools I want to keep track of are those that monitor, measure, and analyze Twitterers and their traffic. I figured I’d compile them here for your benefit.

The article is quite good, but misses a few new ones that I’ve discovered. TweetVisor seems designed as a browser-based control panel for hard-core twitter users. The UI could use some work. TweetDeck is not browser-based, but is an Adobe Air-based application that really lets you see a dashboard of Twitter users, followers, replies, and searches.

PeopleBrowsr like the Passover song, Dayanu, (updated to link to the lyrics) lets you have a browser console with not only Twitter users, followers, replies and searches, but includes columns from Facebook, LinkedIn, Identi.ca, FriendFeed and a host of others. PeopleBrowsr is in Alpha, so there are some rough edges, but it is quite useful if you want to get lost in your network’s status for hours at a time. And then, the closed-beta, but much talked about CoTweet lets multiple people manage a twitter account with a well-thought out interface. It is definitely designed for companies who are trying to listen to customers and make sure people get responses.  As it is closed, that’s all I can share, but watch out for these guys. (They did give me a beta account, and let me know a little more than I can say at this time.)

TweetLater is useful (for me) in helping me manage followers. Their “vet followers” feature lets me see everyone who’s added me recently and decide if I will add them back. If I don’t check in, TweetLater can automatically add them after a certain period of time. This is helping me a lot to follow back and keep up-to-date.

So, that’s a quick roundup of Twitter in my world. Let me know what I’ve missed in the comments below.