Don’t listen to Social Media Rules, and other rules to live by

Mack Collier wrote this in early January, and I only just stumbled across it, but it is a piece worth reading and remembering.

Do You Know the Social Media ‘Rules’? | Marketing Profs Daily Fix Blog

And as people discover this space, they are looking for people to give them guidance… They start hearing about the ‘right’ way to blog, or the ‘correct’ way to use Twitter.

What they are really hearing is someone take the way that THEY use these tools, and offer them as being the ONLY way to use these tools.

Here’s my rule: Don’t listen to these people.

While Mack makes some good points – that you shouldn’t look for “rules” on how to use sites, there are guidelines – if you get on Twitter and start telling everyone to look at your spam-creating multi-level marketing website, you’re probably not going to have a lot of followers. If you blog about stuff no one wants to read, again, the audience will self-select. But if you can find a new way to use social technologies outside of the established ‘rules’ – that can generate interest, money and new business.

2 thoughts on “Don’t listen to Social Media Rules, and other rules to live by

  1. I just tell people to be engaging, focus on having conversations, and be authentic. If people like you they will seek out your blog or your company or your product. When I see folks do nothing but tout their own stuff, or only post one way conversations (now that's an oxymoron) I get turned off fast.

  2. Thanks for that – I checked your Global Patriot blog – and you seem to be practicing what you've preached. I look forward to reading more there.

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