Social Media Line Item Veto

From Jeremy Epstein, someone I find has very relevant content, very regularly, comes a new concept for Facebook users:
Facebook and the Ever Increasing Power of Permission… : Never Stop Marketing

Now, you don’t have to “de-friend” someone like I had to with Diana. You can stay “friends” with them, but NEVER hear from them (at least in a status update).

I call this the “Facebook Line Item Veto.”

Great term: Line Item Veto. I like this Facebook feature, and suspect that I may have been a target last month, when I was sending all my Twitter updates to Facebook. Friends told me clearly that I was sending “too much.” I changed my preferences, so all my Tweets don’t go to FB, and friends appreciate it. It’s important to listen to such feedback. It would be good if FB let you know people were dropping you – even if they didn’t say who did so.

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