Social Media for Small Business Review

Today I’m thrilled to be speaking at the NY XPO for Business on a panel entitled “Social Media 1o1: Get Your Business Noticed.” I’m going to be making a lot of points in the discussion on Social Media for Small Businesses based on articles and research I’ve already done.

For those who wanted references for your notes from my talk, here are a few links to articles that are really relevant to small businesses about Social Media. Additionally, I’ve also added a video of a talk from last year’s Social Media Camp about Small Business and Social Media, if you want to share that with friends who missed today’s talk.

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For points from today, one question that always gets asked is “How much time do I need to spend on my Social Media presence?” Here’s the answer: Social Media For Small Business Takes Time – How Much Is Up To You

In two recent discussions with a small business owner and a PR firm about many of the things I’ve recently covered in this column, a big concern that came up was time. “How much time will it take me to create a good social media presence?” Great question. The answer is, of course,”it depends.” Read the Rest:

I always recommend that people consider using blog software as the basis for their business website if they need a quick and easy way to set one up. Here are 8, (count ’em 8!) 8 Options to Quickly Build a Web Presence for your Startup

I constantly see small businesses who are using websites created for the owner in 1999, by his nephew who can’t or won’t update it, with inaccurate and outdated information and offers. There’s no excuse for this. Today, anyone who can use a word processor or send an email can have a functioning website. And you can also have blog functionality, which is something critical for helping you site be found in search. Additionally, it is an easy way to create fresh content that brings users back to your site on a regular basis. The rest is at

Next, Social Media isn’t the only technology your small business can use.  Leverage Virtual Workers for Your Start-Up:

Independent workers make up 30 percent of the nation’s workforce, according to the Freelancers Union. Could you use one to help launch your start-up? The rest is at

Finally, when you’re further along, you might consider Connecting Your E-mail and Social Marketing

Your business has accumulated an e-mail list, but you have no idea how to connect those e-mail subscribers to your Facebook page, your Twitter followers and other social networks. You’re looking for a relationship with those customers, maybe something more than responses to your marketing e-mails. Read more at

Finally, just some advice from the heart about motivation: Motivation Lessons from Summer Camp

If you can tap into what motivates your team, you can have people doing more work than you’ve assigned, gladly and without hesitation. In a start-up, that kind of dedication can be invaluable. I got some special insights into motivation at summer camp. Behind the campfires, muddy shoes and early-morning lake swims are valuable lessons in how to motivate a team. Read the rest at:

If you want to know more about social location based services read .

Finally, here’s video from a previous lecture – though a year old, still valuable.

Howard Greenstein and Chris Heuer on Social Media for Small Business: