Pulver’s Social Media Jungle at CES 2009

After participating in Jeff Pulver’s Social Media Jungle last month, Dean Landsman and I were asked to give a talk at the SMJ at the Consumer Electronics Show 2009 in Las Vegas.

I am honored to be asked to participate. The Social Media Jungle event had great value because all the speakers were real practitioners, speaking from experience, not selling, but explaining how they do what they do. The event had a very high signal to noise ratio.

Jeff notes: ”The Social Media Jungle at the 2009 International CES brings to light how the advent of social media is changing the way we work and live. Sessions include state-of-the-industry updates and a candid look at how social media disrupts the workplace by empowering companies to lower burn rates. Plus, learn how companies can motivate consumers through social media to drive product sales without increasing costs.

I hope you join Dean and me, as well as a great lineup of speakers at the Social Media Jungle event at CES in Vegas on 1/7.

To register, please visit: CES Registration page: http://www.CESweb.org/register

To view our event on the CES website: http://www.cesweb.org/sessions/search/trackDetail.asp?ID_track=SMJ_CES09

UPDATE: we’re actually here: http://www.cesweb.org/sessions/search/sessionDetail.asp?ID_session=SMJ12