Supernova Interview: Beth Noveck, Deputy CTO, USA « Supernova Hub

I had the privilege of interviewing the Deputy US CTO for Open Government today at the PDF conference.

Today at the Personal Democracy Forum event, US CIO Vivek Kundra announced the first “IT Dashboard” for manipulating data about how US taxpayer’s dollars are spent. (Good coverage at the NY Observer.) After Kundra and new media director of the White House Macon Phillips left the PDF stage, Beth Noveck, Deputy US CTO for the Open Government initiative spoke with PDF co-founder Andrew Rasiej about her project. Noveck, the author of Wiki Government, has the rare opportunity of proposing a major change in public policy in a book and implementing it just months later….

See the video: Supernova Interview: Beth Noveck, Deputy CTO, USA « Supernova Hub

Presentation to Cornell Cooperative Extension

Today I was privileged to speak to the Rockland County Capacity Building Initiative for Non-Profits at the Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Many people asked for my slides, so I’ve included them here. Remember, if you attended, email me, and one person who attended will get an hour of my time to discuss how their non profit can use Social Media.

Also, you can find previous slide decks I’ve used with other groups at

Video of Penelope Trunk – Learn about GenY

My friends at Liminal Group have made the following video of a talk by Brazen Careerist CEO Penelope Trunk available to stream for free for the next month.

A Liminal Group Event – 2009 Sales & Marketing Symposium: Winning Customers in the Era of Social Media

As the CEO of the recently ranked #1 Business Social Network for young people, and the best-selling author of Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success, companies around the world are turning to her for advice on communicating with GenYers, GenXers, and bridging the gap to workforce Baby Boomers.

Go register and check it out. There is a lot to learn about the work style of what I now begruggingly must call “the younger generation.”

My latest Inc Startup Tools Article – Top 5 Tips for How to Promote Your Company to a Reporter

From the Start Up Toolbox

I’m not naming names, but at least 2 companies I met today had not read this site, did not know I focus on tools for startups (hence the name Startup Toolbox) and didn’t have stories prepared to help me figure out how a small growing company or a startup could use their product.

How can you be most effective when you have 30 minutes with a reporter at a trade show?

I encourage you to find more suggestions for companies over at the Inc. site.

Today is my day – 45 Experts in 45 Days

On the Citizen Marketer 2.1 blog, Aaron Strout is interviewing 45 experts in 45 days. Today is my day:

Citizen Marketer 2.1: Experts in the Industry: Howard Greenstein (28 of 45)

My first meeting with Howard Greenstein, principal of the Harbooke Group & co-founder Social Media Club was under some unusual circumstances. For one, it was at the UN building in New York City. Second, Howard was moderating a panel on Web 2.0 meets ICT Entrpreneurs — not your usual SXSW or DMA kind of event.

I liked this interview format – go see what I answered, and then check some of the other experts and their answers, including Adam Cohen, Dennis HowlettJason Falls, and Laura Fitton. I’m honored to be in such good company.

Susan Ettinger at Social Media Jungle

Talking about practical ideas for helping companies relinquishing control, naked PR and the need for companies to develop social models for communication

Every company has to address the fact that Walled Garden PR is over  – except Apple. Until recently – the last few days – about his hormone imbalance announcement. Blogosphere created such pressure along with mainstream media that they had to disclose what was going on.

Corporate commnication can’t be closed off – when you open up to all other company areas – there’s major fear.

Top 10 list of things that need to happen:

Good conversation doesn’t scale – you need to accelerate it – let more people have relationships and facilitate more conversations.

Don’t forget to question tactics – embargos, ndas, etc – many of these things don’t work for bloggers, social media.

There’s an incredible amount of social media content creation right now – it is now a low risk thing to create content.

Social Media is called Social for a reason – put what you’re doing through that filter.

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