Back to the Social Media Jungle once more

On Wednesday, Jeff Pulver’s Social Media Jungle conference will run at the Consumer Electronics Show. Dean Landsman and I will be speaking about the Challenges of the 3 Screen World – namely, your computer, TV and mobile device. There are many ways we interact with information in all these media, and we’ll discuss what customers (the people formerly known as consumers) are looking for, who’s doing a good job giving it to them, and what you need to know to reach these people. (These people being, of course, most of America.) We’re also thinking about how Social Media and technology change across the 3 screens – you’re not doing Facebook on your TV – yet – but where are the things that make this easier? You’ll have to see us Wednesday in Vegas to find out more.

Jeff previously ran a smaller Social Media Jungle event at his offices, and you can see our previous presentation at the Social Media Jungle 08 as well as a video of our talk.

Pulver’s Social Media Jungle at CES 2009

After participating in Jeff Pulver’s Social Media Jungle last month, Dean Landsman and I were asked to give a talk at the SMJ at the Consumer Electronics Show 2009 in Las Vegas.

I am honored to be asked to participate. The Social Media Jungle event had great value because all the speakers were real practitioners, speaking from experience, not selling, but explaining how they do what they do. The event had a very high signal to noise ratio. Continue reading