Newspaper Guys doing new media at Social Media Jungle

Media Panel
Daniel Honneman – Works with Chicago Tribune, and LA Times @dan360
Etan Horowitz – Orlando Sentinal   @etanowitz
Kevin Sablan – Web Taskforce leader for Orange County Register – @ksablan

Dan: Journalism isn’t in trouble – it is going to change and adapt – you don’t necessarily need organizations, but orgs help. Reporters pitch editors, editors pitch other editors, and if you don’t make the cut you don’t get on the page.

Quote from Tom Friedman – amazed at number of Journalists who hate people.
Journalists are something of Entrepreneurs – they need to be willing to connect with people, with each others, and share ideas.

Etan: the idea of branding or self-promotion is blasphemy to many journalists. But, they need to make sure blogs cover their articles, articles should show on DIGG, etc. If it’s not good content, why not promote it?
Dan: But if you look at stats for stories some don’t really get read.

Kevin – Now with online you can really understand what is driving readership daily – and who those people are.  As opposed to Audit Bureau of Circulation numbers – which have less accuracy.

Journalists wouldn’t normally quote other paper’s articles – but now web properties would link to other paper’s stories if the story is relevant.

Etan- Twitter posts can point to blog posts that lead to hundreds of comments.  Once his blog is so well read, he can really have the discussion of “What is News” vs. What are people interested in reading.
Kevin Sablan – Didn’t start a new Twitter account related to the fires – they used their own followers and own audience . They also did a lot of listening.
They did create a page that aggregated Tweets About the California fires, and it was a useful resource for them and for everyone

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