Changes coming to Facebook Fan Pages

Seems that Facebook is making some Changes to Fan Pages. This is going to affect Small companies and Small Non-Profits alike.
Here’s a great article summarizing some of the changes:

ATTN Nonprofits: Major Changes Coming Soon to Facebook Fan Pages « Nonprofit Tech 2.0

Scheduled to occur sometime between late 2009 and early 2010, some major changes are coming to Facebook Fan Pages.

One big change is that Status Updates won’t show in the news feeds of all your fans. Fans will have to “like” the update and comment on it to increase its popularity.

Another one is that the “Boxes” tab is going away. Hat tip to Kendra Kellogg in the comments of the previous article for pointing to an article that explains how to move your custom Boxes to Static FBML tabs

At least there’s a little notice for this change but I believe it is going to affect a lot of people’s Facebook design.