Pokémon Go after 1 Month – A Guide for the Curious

Pokémon Screen Courtesy of Todd Van Hoosear/Flickr

A player in the Pokémon world, with PokéStops and a Gym in the Distance. -Credit @vanhoosear on Flickr

I was recently asked by my friends at the Coburn Ventures group to share some thoughts on digital and cultural trends for their weekly call. I decided to focus on the phenomenon of the month- Pokémon Go, a game app for iPhone and Android. Many adult friends have wondered “What’s all the fuss about” or have derided “Those kids looking down at their phones” without a clear understanding of what’s actually going on. I have taken the time to gather some thoughts to help give some context for Pokémon go to the skeptical, the uniformed and the “haters.”

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