Speaking at NYXPO on 10/17

I’ll be speaking at NYXPO on 10/17 at 10:00am in room #4 about social media tools and strategies to increase business and revenue generation in companies. This is the third year for this panel, which also includes Cara Friedman and Nelly Yusupova, and moderator Ellis Henican.

During my talk I’ll be referencing use of lots of different social networks, including Facebook. I’ve written a few articles on Facebook recently so here are the references:

Facebook Tries to Woo Small Business

B to B Marketing on Facebook

Basics of Facebook Promoted Posts

Updated info on Facebook Pages and Facebook’s Mobile App

How to Show Customers You Really Care (a good case study on the use of social by small businesses)

Finally, it is a few years old, but still a good piece on how to create a website.

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