Speaking at NYXPO on 10/17

I’ll be speaking at NYXPO on 10/17 at 10:00am in room #4 about social media tools and strategies to increase business and revenue generation in companies. This is the third year for this panel, which also includes Cara Friedman and Nelly Yusupova, and moderator Ellis Henican.

During my talk I’ll be referencing use of lots of different social networks, including Facebook. I’ve written a few articles on Facebook recently so here are the references:

Facebook Tries to Woo Small Business

B to B Marketing on Facebook

Basics of Facebook Promoted Posts

Updated info on Facebook Pages and Facebook’s Mobile App

How to Show Customers You Really Care (a good case study on the use of social by small businesses)

Finally, it is a few years old, but still a good piece on how to create a website.

If this has been helpful, maybe you’d like more tips and articles from Harbrooke Group. Just give us your email and we’ll get you set up quickly.

The SXSW Startup Accelerator

Anyone who knows us at Harbrooke Group knows our passion for supporting startups- they’re some of our best clients! Again for 2012, Howard has been asked to be part of the team recruiting the best startups for the South By SouthWest (SXSW) Startup Accelerator contest. The fine folks at SXSW describe it as an event that “provides an outlet for companies to present their new online entertainment products, social media / networking technologies, or mobile, news, music, or health technology to a panel of industry experts, early adopters, and representatives from the angel / VC community.” Some of the past judges have included Tim Draper of DFJ, Chris Hughes of Facebook and Jumo, Paul Graham of Y Combinator, and Tom Conrad of Pandora.

I’d like to personally encourage and invite you and your company to join up for this incredible event, highlighting the technology market’s most impressive new innovations.  The application deadline is Friday, November 18, and the event itself will be March 12-14, 2012 in Austin, TX.   Please apply at http://sxsw.com/interactive/accelerator (music technology companies visit http://sxsw.com/music/accelerator).

Then let me know that you’ve applied, and I’ll do what I can to help you get in!


The SXSW Accelerator – You’re Invited to Apply

I’m proud to announce that I’m one of the advisory board members for the 2011 South by SouthWest (SXSW) Accelerator event (along with a great list of industry luminaries!)

From the SXSW Accelerator blog:

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to showcase your emerging technology product and/or service at the 2011 SXSW Accelerator Presented by Microsoft BizSpark, which taking place on March 14-16 during the SXSW Interactive Festival. The third annual SXSW Accelerator will enable your company to expand its audience, network with industry leaders, learn about funding options, talk to venture capitalists, bounce ideas off other SXSW Accelerator participants and to finely tune your product and elevator pitch. The deadline to register is less than two months away, so check out the online application process and register early so you don’t miss out on the SXSW Accelerator experience.

So, this is a note out to my network encouraging everyone who’s doing start-ups to apply for this excellent chance to get in front of VCs, Industry Leaders, hone your pitch, and perhaps get the kind of SXSW exposure that PlanCast, Twitter and FourSquare have gotten in previous years.

You need to have rolled out within 1 year of 3/15/2011 or be scheduled to launch within 3 months after that date. There is a fee of $150 to apply.

There are several categories – you can read more about them, they include:

1. Innovative Web Technologies

2. Social Media and Social Networking Technologies

3. Entertainment Technologies

4. Health Technologies

5. News Related Technologies

Apply online by December 10th, and let me know if you need more info.

What makes things go Viral?

Earlier in the year, I was a panelist, along with Steve Rubel, senior VP of Insights for Edelman Digital, Peter Himler, founder of Flatiron Communications, Les Blatt, former editor/producer for ABC News, and Ken Zamkow of http://www.liveu.tv/, for the panel “Going Viral in a Social Marketing World.”

CUNY released the panel as a podcast, and you can listen to it on the page referenced above.

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Self Promotion for Introverts

Author and NYU SCPS faculty colleague Nancy Ancowitz has released Self Promotion for Introverts, and interviewed me for the book. This excerpt article from Monster.com is an excellent summary of the book, and again quotes me.
10 Ways Introverts Can Promote Themselves to Extroverts | Monster

Figure out how to make your knowledge invaluable to others. Get known as the “go-to” person for your area of expertise. Harness your introverted strengths, and write or deliver presentations on what you know that others don’t to increase your visibility. “Say you’re an expert in ferrets,” says Howard Greenstein, social media strategist and president of the Harbrooke Group consultancy. “If you publish a ferret article a week for 52 weeks, before you know it, you’re going to come up a lot higher when someone types ‘ferret’ into a search engine than if you just have a site that says, ‘The Ferret Expert.’”

Ferrets? It seemed reasonable at the time. Thanks to Nancy for including me. (Consider this blog post self promotion for an extrovert.)

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Announcing my appointment to NYU’s Graduate Faculty

I’m thrilled to be able to share this news with clients and friends – I’ve been asked to join the faculty of the NYU Masters of Science Program in Integrated Marketing program to teach Y50.2100, Advanced Digital and Emerging Media.
This is a program for working professionals as well as full-time students, and some great  professionals teach in the program. My class will cover Social Media topics from Social Networks and Connections with consumers as well as emerging digital media trends. Topics are going to range from Blogging to Mobile, Augmented Reality to Gaming and Analytics through Measurement.
This is an official invite to my friends in the industry – if you have ideas on this subject matter, if you have case studies, or will be in New York and wish to guest lecture about a topic in which you’re an expert, please get in touch.

UPDATE: This is a part-time gig, and the class is in the evenings. I’ll still be working with clients as usual.

Proudly Participating in PR Camp

Created by my friend Dan Greenfield, PR guy and excellent writer at BernaiseSource.com, PR Camp New York will be Friday, November 20th.

Join me, Social Media Club New York and a select number of PR, marketing and communications professionals for PR Camp™ New York. PR Camp New York is a full day of highly interactive discussions on social media — complete with marshmallows and a virtual campfire. It will explore how to market, measure and manage the opportunities and challenges that social media presents.

PR Camp is running in an unconference format – so no powerpoints, no panels, and no canned demos. Just hard core learning from Brand, Agency and Social Media execs from top companies in their fields.

Social Media Club New York members (and any of my friends reading this post) get a ten percent discount with promo code *SMCPRCAMPNYC.* The Early bird ends 10/30, so you’d better hurry to save some money. I hope to see you at PR Camp

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Tips for New Bloggers

I’ve been teaching and speaking a lot, and the subject of Tips for New bloggers comes up all the time.

Here is what I share with many of my classes.

Blogging is meant to be personal. A blog with a ‘corporate’ or ‘PR-speak’ tone does not become popular or well read. People associate blogs with authenticity and conversational tone.

Your blog is a conversation. You say something, and people have the ability to say something back, either in the comments, or by referencing your post on their blog and responding. By allowing this back-and-forth you learn new things, and keep your audience engaged.

Blogs are great places to conduct interviews. Is there someone you want to meet and talk to, but never knew how before? Call and ask for an interview. Everyone likes to talk about him or herself!

Creative Commons: Some Rights Reserved
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Add pictures, they’re worth a thousand words. But make sure you’re using your own pictures, or pictures you have a right to use. Don’t take the copyrighted works of others. Review Creative Commons http://creativecommons.org/ licensing, where you can use people’s work if they allow it, as long as you attribute it to them. Photo sharing sites such as Flickr.com allow people to tag their photos for sharing.

Finally, don’t blog angry. If you’re upset or believe that you’ve been misrepresented, write your copy and show it to someone, or wait one hour and re-read it before you post it. You’re a publisher with a world-wide audience. You may not only damage your own reputation and the reputation of anyone you write about you may also commit libel (and search engines are able to keep original versions of remarks around.) The legal definition of libel is “a written statement unjustly damaging someone’s reputation.” (source: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/libel ) Can you be sued for blogging? Sure. This is America – they can sue you for anything!

Seriously worth looking at is the Legal Guide for Bloggers. I am not a lawyer but the guide has useful ideas.

  • Be careful when republishing ANY information from another site or source, (copyrighted or not) and always provide a citation to where you found the information.
  • Watch for guidelines about the usage of logos, trademarks, and other protected and valuable items of intellectual property.
  • Learn the differences between being a publisher and being an editor.

And of course, if you have questions, ask an attorney!

How do you start a blog? Check this article I wrote about 8 Options to quickly build a web presence.

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