Where It’s At – Local Marketing

Harbrooke was privileged to get a writing assignment for Vocus on Local Marketing. The paper is out and available for download from the Vocus site.

Whether you work for a local restaurant chain or a regional architecture firm, the marketing function works to raise prospects’ awareness of your prod- ucts and services, and then to turn them into customers. If you’re a marketing officer of a mid-sized company trying to reach local customers, you already know those customers are looking for you online and you’ve likely done something about it. In the last two years, almost 79% of businesses have created a social network presence, up from 45% in 2010.

In the paper I covered social media, search marketing and SEO, email marketing, PR and metrics. It also includes the importance of mobile search, location based services, and use of social media on the go.

I wouldn’t have been able to do this paper without help from some great businesses and consultants who contributed their knowledge and experience to the piece.

Thank you to:

Brian Carter

Heidi Cohen at RiversideMarketingStrategies.com

Allison Lynch of Baskervill

Ric Dragon of DragonSearchMarketing

Joe Sanders at Meatheads

Aaron Strout at W2O Group

I hope you’ll read it and provide any feedback or suggestions for future things to write about.