Chris Heuer at the Social Media Jungle

Need to understand and reembrace some fundamental principles related to social communications and social technologies.

Welcome to the Era of social conversation, people want to talk to people, not be messaged to.
The difference between “talk to the hand” and “what can I give you (handshake)” is the difference in most communication vs social communication.

There are no levers to pull to get more twitter followers and sales.

90% attitude, 10% aptitude.

Principles – be human, be aware, be honest, be respectful, be a participant, be open and be courageous.

Be human and be yourself .
Be aware and be smart – know what does and doesn’t matter – be a good filter for others – most people don’t scale.

Be honest and have integrity.
Be respectful and live by golden rule – disagree with respect.
Be a participant – and contribute value.
Be Courageous and be willing to fail.

How can we encourage more personal development and become more