Blogger and Social Media Influencer outreach

I’ve been asked to speak at the IABC Research and Measurement Conference about Blogger Outreach. As a blogger of Random Thoughts for 10 years or so, I’ve had my share of folks asking me to consider linking to them via blogroll (back when we hand coded our blogrolls), and even had companies offer me free trials of products that I might find interesting. I also get requests to link or comment on people’s posts pretty regularly. I evaluate these based on who’s asking, if I read their blog, or know them, and if the topic is something I write about. I also look to the email, tweet or comment to see if the person is sending me a bulk-mail press release about something irrelevant, or if there’s some personal, respectful outreach going on.

The tables turn, when, as a consultant, I try to get others to pay attention to a site, post or network that belongs to my client. At that point, I try to do the same thing for the other bloggers that I would do to reach myself. I tap my relationships and show respect. I do research to find out who in my extended network of bloggers and friends would be most interested in the content.

Sean Bohan has a great piece from the other day about Social Media Outreach:
 Outreach is Networking… for your Social Media efforts

Networking in your business life is a great parallel to Social Media Outreach. With Networking, you find people with interesting or similar ideas/thoughts/backgrounds/experience and add those people to your personal network. In the process, you become a member of lots of different communities/tribes/circles.

In this piece, Sean also asks: “Are you paying forward into Social Media’s equivalent of a 401k (relationships) by being an active participant? Or are you waiting and wondering why more users aren’t joining in?”

Sean provides a great “To Do” list for those looking to get attention in the communities online. This piece is a must-read. Elevator Pitch in Action

This is my latest article From the INC. Start Up Blog on the Elevator Pitch in Action :

Last week I wrote about the Elevator Pitch, Reloaded. Today at the Expo, I got a hallway elevator pitch that hit many of the important points in that article. The person didn’t know I was a blogger for Inc., or that I wrote the article. She just gave a passionate pitch that really hit all the points for me, so I thought it’d be worthwhile to show you an example of someone doing it right.

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The American Express Members Project

Last Friday, I spent time at American Express talking to the top 25 finalists in the Member’s Project. The Member’s Project is an effort to take top projects that can make a difference in the world, and give them part of $2.5 Million dollars. Anyone who is a card member can vote for their favorite project and the top 5 projects share the money.
I was privileged to speak to the group about how they can use Social Media techniques to get their stories out. Some of my key points were that the the 25 finalists were not trying to get people to read their blogs or join their Facebook groups – that’s an effect. They need people to take action – vote for their project. And, as only cardmembers can vote – they need to make sure that the people who pass on the project stories continue to pass them on *even if they can’t vote.*

The bloggers at the “Help Women and Children Survivors of War Rebuild” reviewed the call.

I’m glad I was able to contribute to these kinds of efforts.

, Tweetups on September 16th in 5 Cities

Tomorrow night, all around the country, the We Vote 08 Tweetups are happening. Join and some top women bloggers at events in 5 cities. RSVP below.

New York:

I hope that you’ll join smart women who are learning about Voter Registration, talking politics and having a great social event.

E.Factor Event I’m moderating on 9/10

September 10th
The E.Factor in Association with NY:MIEG

Present a Special Event:

37 West 26th Street
12th Floor


  • Herb Scannell CEO of Next New Networks and former President of Nickelodeon Networks and Vice-Chairman of Viacom’s MTVNetworks.
  • Rob Prazmark Founder and CEO of 21Marketing and is the former President of IMG Olympics Sales and Sponsorships and now consultant to the United States Olympic Committee
  • Tom de Bruyne Managing Director of the Creative Communications and marketing company Boondoggle/Amsterdam.
  • Robert Raciti SVP at GE Commercial Finance MCE (Media, Communications & Entertainment)
  • Moderator: Howard Greenstein President of the Harbrooke Group and Social Media Strategist and Evangelist