Robert Scoble at Social Media Jungle

Robert Scoble tweeted he’s at SMJCES, a follower asked why it wasn’t on his event calendar. He hadn’t added it to, so the follower did it, he added it to his calendar, and now his followers can learn about it.
Brogan tells Scoble that he should keep posting these upcoming events because they have become a resource for the community.
Scoble: IF everyone tags stuff CES2009 then people can find the events.
When Scoble adds a new event to his calendar, it goes to his FriendFeed (and you can do the same with Facebook.) this tells your friends and followers about the event.
FriendFeed shows many concepts that aren’t quite “cooked” yet. EXAMPLE: Yesterday there were 10 people live blogging and audiostreaming, etc.
Venturebeat used FriendFeed – was faster than, say, live blogging like Engadget – and it also allowed real time engagement.
Robert: “In the old days when you used to use Google to try to find what was going on in real time” – noting that many other things like FriendFeed, Google News Alerts, Twitter, are all closer to or actually are real time.
You need a way to aggregate and bundle. – Robert is using a Friend Feed Room to aggregate CES.

RT from @LawD: If you are using tweetdeck, and/or friendfeed, you are a social media grad

No one clicks “Favorites” on Twitter -doesn’t help the community. When Scoble clicks ‘like’ on FriendFeed – it can be made to alert the community and can benefit others.

Scoble experiment from a few months back: Show up in Times Square at noon, and win a drive, and the person who you learned about the contest from on Twitter also won a drive. (Disclosure – I got a drive because Jay Bryant used my Tweet. It has literally saved my computer. thank you seagate and scoble. /disclosure).

Question/Comment: Abundance of connections and connectivity is changing society.

Scoble: Speed of how quickly video, audio, pictures get put into the stream is also increasing.

Scoble: IN China, everyone’s on Twitter – including people running supply chain for tech companies.

Companies are membranes – countries are membranes – you can push on them, as long as you don’t break them – and change their boundries.

Q:Where’s the line between too much information, privacy and voyeurism?
Robert: you never see my bedroom, other parts of my life – some people don’t like their kids photos up, I don’t really care about it.
Most kid see all their friends on Facebook – sharing everything.
Some people – there’s more privacy need, more friction exists – especially for some people older than me (Scoble, though we’re roughly the same age.)