Problems Fundraising on Facebook

It’s two weeks before a charity event that I’m personally raising
funds for, and almost no one I know is aware of it. At least, not many
of my social media friends. You see, in the past several years, I’ve
raised significant funds (thousands of dollars) via social
networks like Facebook and Twitter for the CT Challenge and the MS Society with my bike rides.
This year, however, I’m getting almost no response on posts that link
to my fundraising sites. A recent post with a beautiful photo
in my state park that referenced my fundraising got 4 likes, and no
comments or shares.

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How do you track and measure social media marketing?

How *Do* you track and measure social media marketing? It is all about figuring out what things you’re sharing are bringing people back to your sales funnel. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business shouldn’t matter.

I’ve had the privilege of researching this particular subject and interviewing some really great experts, Marshall Sponder, Justin Cutroni and Christopher Penn, for this paper I authored, which was just released by Vocus. You should download it now to understand:

  • Essential social media metrics and KPIs
  • Getting started with key Google Analytics features
  • Attribution modeling to discover which actions lead to outcomes.
  • Metrics for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Please let me know if you like it, or what other questions you have on the topic.

How to Track and Measure Social Media Marketing

Facebook Pages vs Groups – on Mashable

My Latest article appears on Mashable – and it is on the subject of Facebook Pages vs. Facebook Groups.
Mashable – The Social Media Guide

“Should I create a group or launch a Page?” It’s the eternal question that gets asked as often as, “What is Twitter?” at introductory social media training classes. Ever since Facebook launched their Pages product as part of their larger advertising strategy (along with the ill-fated Beacon) in November 2007, there has been confusion over which to use.

You can read the rest at Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups: What’s the Difference?